prongcroft-logorThe Garden Prong is a tool with a  unique design which  lends itself to actually weeding around the base of plants and shrubs without damaging the plant / shrub itself.

It is used to remove weeds & it is also used to aerate the soil in and around plants and vegetation.

The tool that has two flat slightly curved pointed polished stainless steel prongs. It is supplied with an Ash wooden handle and it is available in  various lengths to enable ease of use in varying garden environments & requirements.





The Why and the How:

  • British designed
  • Sturdy robust design
  • Uncomplicated
  • Extremely light weight
  • Quality product & materials:

Corrosion resistant polished stainless steel head & an Ash wooden handle

  • Available to use in three easy to use sizes:

Easier on the wrist – “Short” by the design  of the tools working surface area, less effort required

Easier on the back –  “Medium” for Patio pots and raised beds, bending reduced

Easier on the back –  “Long” for garden beds  and vegetable plots, bending reduced

  • Quick, simple & easy to use by people of mixed abilities and experience
  • Comfortable to use – left or right handed
  • Allows the user to extract weeds around plants / shrubs without damaging the plant itself
  • Safer to use

Allows stones and small rocks to fall through the prongs, making weeding         easier, safer and ensuring space between the prongs does not get blocked or obstructed.

  • A family of tools suitably sized to enable any

garden area to be worked:

Flower beds

Patio pots

Vegetable plots

  • Aerates the soil
  • Removes weeds complete with root ball
  • Tool is easy to clean & maintain
  • Very cost effective garden implement
  • No costly attachments required
  • Environmentally friendly – fully recyclable materials
  • Gardening is a very healthy activity
  • Great cross generation product  (makes an  ideal gift)

The Garden Prong can help Cultivate your Garden and help to provide a sense of achievement and well-being.



Three variants have been designed for specific uses :-

  • “Short” Garden Prong  – for flower beds, pots and raised beds.
  • “Medium” Garden Prong  – for flower beds, patio pots and raised beds
  • “Long” Garden Prong  – for flower beds and vegetable patches

The tool has been developed for several applications:-

  • Weeding around flower beds
  • Maintaining vegetable patches, patio pots
  • Maintaining raised beds

The tool is very light weight, sturdy and easy to use for people of all ages and abilities.



NEW from Prongcroft Ltd – “The Garden Apron”” it is the Gardeners companion.

  • Integral kneeler, Durable materials, Padded for comfort ,
  • Adjustable straps, Detachable tool/accessory pocket (LH or RH),
  • One size fits all.

The adjustable Straps are comfortable to wear and do not cut into the knee, as with traditional knee pads. There is also an integral pocket facility to insert standard knee pad inserts, if additional padding is required.

PRONGCROFT’S “The Garden Apron” is the, Gardeners companion.


A Fresh Approach to Garden Care,

Always Leads to Revolutionary Ideas.